Drought Disaster in Puncak, PTFI Hands Over Two Tons of Staple Food

02 August 2023

Drought disaster due to extreme weather changes that occurred in Agandugume District, Lambewi District, and Oneri District, Puncak Regency, Central Papua Province, PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) provided assistance of two tons of staple food to Representatives of the Ministry of Social Affairs at the Assistance Transit Post Disaster in the city of Timika on Wednesday, (7/26/2023).

Claus Wamafma with Adrianus Alla at the disaster relief post in Timika, Central Papua.
PTFI Director & EVP Sustainable Development Claus Wamafma handed over assistance from PTFI to victim
Assistance from PTFI at the Ministry of Social Disaster Transit Post, before being distributed to di
Delivery of aid from PTFI to the Social Ministry's Disaster Aid Transit Post in Timika, Central Papu

The assistance from PTFI was handed over by the Director & EVP of Sustainable Development Claus Wamafma to the Acting Director of Social Protection for Natural Disaster Victims of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Adrianus Alla. This assistance from PTFI will then be distributed by the Ministry of Social Affairs using small planes that can reach areas affected by drought.


Representing PTFI management, Claus Wamafma said, “We are sorry about what our brothers and sisters in Puncak Regency are experiencing. Today we respond quickly to the direction of the Ministry of Social Affairs by providing two tons of food assistance, according to what is currently available in the company area. Furthermore, we will continue to monitor the developments and basic needs of the affected locations. Hopefully this assistance can reach the location to meet the needs of the affected people," he said.


Claus explained, what PTFI has done is not the first time, some time ago, in 2015, when the same incident occurred in the Agandugume district experiencing a natural disaster of extreme weather changes, hail and drought, PTFI together with the Government provide food assistance to the people there.


Acting Director of Social Protection for Natural Disaster Victims of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Adrianus Alla said, "On behalf of the Government through the Ministry of Social Affairs, we thank PT Freeport Indonesia for the quick response. We hope that this assistance can be distributed to remote areas as soon as possible. People are currently having difficulty getting food due to extreme weather. Drought and cold weather caused the people there to experience crop failure.” he said.


Representing the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Adrianus Alla expressed his gratitude and gave appreciation to PTFI for taking part in the humanitarian mission by providing food assistance when needed by affected communities in Puncak Regency.


"All the assistance we receive, we will gradually distribute it using charter planes to the affected locations, then we will distribute it through the local government and community leaders. Ask for support and prayers from all levels of society so that this assistance can be distributed quickly, "explained Adrianus Alla. (CorpComm)

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