First Copper Concentrate Arrives at Freeport's New Smelter

24 July 2023

The Mother Vessel (MV) Unitama Lily carrying the first copper concentrate from Amamapare Port, Mimika Regency, Central Papua, has docked at the PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) Smelter port in the Special Economic Zone (KEK), Java Integrated Industrial and Port Estate (JIIPE) , Gresik, East Java, Friday (21/6).

This ship carries a total of 22,000 tons of copper concentrate, of which 10,000 tons are refined at PTFI's first smelter, namely PT Smelting, and 12,000 tons is the main supply for PTFI's new smelter which is operating this month (June).


Next, the concentrate is moved and placed in the Concentrate Barn before being further processed later in the Flash Smelting Furnace (FSF). In general, there are three processes that the concentrate must go through before it becomes copper cathode sheet, namely the concentrate material handling process, the smelting process in the Furnace and refining in the Electrorefinery.

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