Gaining Insights and Reorganizing Financial Goals through Financial Talk Webinars

17 September 2021

Besides knowing how to stay healthy and practicing health protocols to keep COVID-19 at bay, financial literacy is another important skill to help navigate through the uncertainties brought by the pandemic. 

Partnering with renowned financial experts – East Spring Investment, QM Management and Halofina – PT Freeport Indonesia's Compensation and Benefit Management and the Freeport Indonesia Pension Fund group will hold a series of Financial Talk webinars to provide insights for employees on managing their finances better amid the pandemic.

Four out of six webinars scheduled for 2021 were held to educate employees on various financial strategies, from basic financial planning to thorough preparations for retirement.

Most employees struggle with managing cash flow and it can affect their work performances. Therefore, PTFI launched financial literacy programs aims to help employees in understanding financial concepts that will help them to manage their money better.

“Starting from "Total Reward” so that employees know how much income they receive in 1 year, the financial literacy programs continue through “Financial Class” which teaches employees how to manage and plan finances, also “Financial Talk” which presents speakers who are competent in their fields.” said Denok Anggraini, VP Compensation and Benefit Management. “We hope that with all the programs we carry out, we can help employees to be better able to manage their finances,” she added.

Finance can be a tedious and less desirable topic to discuss. However, the financial talk committee brainstormed to creatively craft some engaging and insightful sessions to help employees hone their financial literacy. In addition, useful prizes such as free financial audits from the service providers were also offered for participating employees who answered the quizzes that gauged their takeaways from the program. 

Gaining Insights and Reorganizing Financial Goals through Financial Talk Webinars

While alternative loans such as online and unsecured loans or others promising-high-return investments are now easily accessible, without proper knowledge to sort out the necessary strategies to manage, one could be trapped in financial troubles instead of getting assistance. 

Employees seem to be enthusiastic about attending the webinars. More than 500 participants tuned into one webinar, which also streamed live on Freeport Broadcasting Channel.  

“Before I joined the Financial Talk webinar, investing money was a foreign idea for me. I’m glad I participated in this insightful program as it gave me valuable knowledge on how to manage my finances effectively. I am now diversifying my investment portfolio through stocks and mutual funds,” said Yahya Boltal, one of webinar participants from Manpower Management Division.

Click here to watch recorded videos of Financial Talk Webinar. 

“No matter how much money you earn, it will never be enough if you are not able to manage your finances properly.”

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