Twenty PTFI employees completed advanced geotechnical training on the relationship between rainfall intensity and landslides in order to improve decision-making and safety for those living and working in Grasberg’s mountainous terrain.
“Rainfall data helps us formulate the criteria to help prevent landslides, and this training helped us understand how technology can drive actual improvements to operations, support a safe work environment for everyone and assist in managing geological risks,” said Iwan Setiawan, Civil Geotech and Regional Hydrology Manager.

The Geo Engineering Division held the training October 1-4 at the Bukit Barat Office for employees in the Civil Geotech and Regional Hydrology, Geotech Grasberg, Geotech UG and Special Project, and Geology departments.
The training was led by Paolo Farina, GeoApp Co-Founder and Managing Director, and Filippo Catani, GeoApp's Co-founder and Principal Consultant.
The course consisted of a refresher on rock mechanics along with modern methods for point clouds mapping, types of slope monitoring tools and early warning systems.

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