Multi-stakeholder Partnership Formed to Advance Mimika Sustainable Development Goals

08 March 2023

PT Freeport Indonesia and the Mimika Regency Government, along with several other stakeholders in the region, recently formed a multi-stakeholder partnership to discuss and collaborate on strategies and implementation of Mimika Regency Sustainable Development Goals.

One of the group’s goals is to find ways to increase access to clean water and sanitation by creating a better water system for the people of Mimika.

As a key government partner in the region, PTFI has paved the way to bring better health and wellness for community members surrounding Jobsite. PTFI’s Community Health Development’s longstanding programs, including education on the importance of clean water, healthy lifestyle and malaria prevention, have proven to be the foundation for various government programs to improve community wellness, especially in Mimika’s remote areas.

Daniel Perwira, PTFI Manager-Community Health Development, emphasizes the company’s commitment to continue partnering with the government to advance the community’s prosperity.

“We have contributed to various projects to help local communities in remote areas gain easier access to clean water. Currently, we are working on refurbishing water facilities for three villages in the Highlands; Tsinga, Aroanop and Banti, and five other villages in the Lowlands; Ayuka, Tipuka, Nawaripi, Koperapoka and Nayaro,” Perwira said.

PT Freeport Indonesia Partnership in Clean Water Provision
PT Freeport Indonesia Partnership in Clean Water Provision
PT Freeport Indonesia Partnership in Clean Water Provision

Through the multi-stakeholder partnership, the Mimika government hopes there will be more stakeholder involvement to achieve the SDGs.

It seems to be working. PT Sandvik, one of the contractor companies at PTFI, has jumped on board by building a 4,800-liter capacity water tower to supply fresh water to a community in East Mimika. As the partnership advances, the government expects more companies operating in the Mimika area could partner with government agencies to better the Mimika people.

Making the development of clean water supply facilities a shared responsibility between the government and local stakeholders will help ensure program continuity. For example, PTFI is helping the government determine whether PTFI’s water reservoir near Kuala Kencana’s checkpoint can be used to bring fresh water to Mimika households.

“We are studying the potential of utilizing the company’s water reservoir for the greater good of Mimika residents. The goal is for the Mimika government to source potable water for residential consumption in and around Timika,” Perwira said.

Clean water and sanitation are essential for human health, environmental sustainability, and economic prosperity. Yet, according to United Nations Development Program, around 2.2 billion people worldwide still lack access to safe drinking water and over 4.5 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation facilities. The multi-stakeholder between PTFI and others aims to make a difference in Mimika, Papua.

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