A new Working at Heights training by PTFI’s Organizational Health and Safety division is being rolled out to employees and contractors in the Highlands and Lowlands.

This mandatory training for workers exposed to the risk of falling from heights, aims to increase their knowledge, skills and commitment to work safely – with a goal to ultimately reduce the number of fatal and nonfatal incidents.

Working at Heights
Working at Heights
Working at Heights
Photo Credit: Carol Gosal
Working at Heights
Photo Credit: David Taga
Working at Heights
Working at Heights
Working at Heights

Working at heights is one of the high-risk jobs identified through the company’s Fatal Risk Management program. Since 2015, PT Freeport Indonesia has experienced eight reportable injuries related to working at heights – one fatality, four lost-time events, one restricted–duty event and two first-aid events.

Working at heights is regulated under PTFI’s Mining Safety Management System and Environmental, Safety and Health Guidelines (FRESH GDL-4.01.10-PTFI-001) as part of the company's commitment to prevent any workplace accidents. The new training helps to ensure employees and contractors within the PTFI work area comply with these guidelines.

While the training covers the topics listed below, a training needs analysis and risk assessment is used to determine individual participant goals:

  • Introduction to falling hazards
  • Control hierarchy
  • Identification of components and falling prevention systems
  • Inspection and storage of fall protection equipment.
  • Fall dynamics
  • Installation, use and adjustment of full body harness and lanyard
  • Working at height systems
  • Rescue plans

To register, see the training schedule online at the OH&S training and development portal. (This link is only available through the PTFI network)

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