Taruna Papua Boarding School Students Secure Bronze Medals in National Sports Festival

20 July 2023


satpStudents from the Taruna Papua Boarding School (SATP) - school oversee by the Amungme Kamoro Community Empowerement Foundation (YPMAK) - recently made their name in the athletic world at the VII National Community Recreation Sports Festival held in Bandung, Indonesia, in a touching demonstration of skill and perseverance. 

Two primary school-aged competitors, Semes Air in grade 5 and Sony Diwitau in grade 4 demonstrated their Kung Fu prowess during the competition to win a well-earned bronze medal.

"There are many tough competitors in this competition who are already at the professional level" saidAngga Rumende, who escorted these athletes.  “Bringing home two bronzes is an extraordinary achievement for the first time participating in this event,” he continued.


"We strongly support this positive activity, especially being able to make the school and region proud," SATP Principal Johana Tnunai stated. 

Their success serves as an example of hidden talent and emphasizes the need of providing young athletes with the facilities and tools they need to maximize their potential.

The accomplishments of these young athletes serve as an example of how to overcome obstacles and accomplish objectives with perseverance, hard work, and support. By earning bronze medals in the Kung Fu discipline, they not only accomplished sports exploits to be reckoned with, but they are also an inspiration for other young athletes in Papua.

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