Mining for Life Provides Public Inside Look at Mining

31 January 2019

To help give the public a more comprehensive understanding of mining’s benefits to not just Indonesia, but people’s day-to-day lives, PT Freeport Indonesia recently participated in “Mining for Life,” an event organized by the Indonesian Mining Association and the Bandung Museum of Geology.

The event, which was held Saturday, 19 January 2019 at the Bandung Museum of Geology, featured various activities, including a photo exhibition, an informative video on good and responsible mining practices, a social media and journalism competition, and a music show with a performance by a renowned band. In addition, a discussion with several chief executive officers of mining companies was moderated by a local media leader.

The goal was to help the public – especially the younger generation – better understand the benefits minerals bring to day-to-day life by showing the mining industry in an interesting and interactive manner.   PTFI was a sponsor and headed the event’s organizing committee.

Indonesia’s mining sector offers multiple benefits for the state and the public. According to Finance Ministry data, as of December 2018 PNBP realized non-state revenue from the minerals and coal sector amounted to Rp 46.6 trillion. Additionally, the benefits of minerals to the day-to-day life are vital, including copper being the best conductor of electricity, and coal needed as fuel to drive power plants, aluminum used in the packaging industry, iron and steel for infrastructure, nickel for rechargeable batteries, petroleum used as the primary material in premium fuel oil, kerosene, and asphalt and its derivative products.

“We organized the event to demonstrate the close ties between mining and our day-to-day life,” said  Ido Hutabarat chairman of Indonesia Mining Association. “We hoped to depict mining in a positive light through the role mining plays and sustainable and good mining practices.”

Sukmandaru, chairman of Indonesian Association of Geologists (IAGI) agreed and said the mining industry’s evolution has brought human civilization to the present era – the 4.0 industrial revolution.

“Nearly all aspects of day-to-day life are facilitated by elements produced through mining. Mining industries have also significantly improved the economies of surrounding communities due to high absorption of human resources into the industry,” Sukmandaru said.

PT Freeport Indonesia President Director Tony Wenas who is also IMA’s General Secretary, said while many people are concerned about mining’s effect on the environment, reclamation activities are conducted concurrently with mining. 

“The public should also be in possession of balanced information, in that in the performance of mining activity, companies are obliged to abide by sustainable mining procedures under strict government supervision. The procedures are compiled and applied in conformance to generally applicable international standards,” Wenas said.

Excerpted and modified from IMA’s press release on “Indonesian Mining Association Presents  Mining for Life”

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