Travel Kiosks Make Planning Easier for Employees, More Efficient for Transportation Team

24 July 2019

Travel has never been easier for employees, who can now make their own bus reservations for a shift day off using a network of Travel Kiosks.

The newly launched network allows employees to manage their own travel plans and make necessary adjustments based on their changing work schedules. In the past, employees had to rely on their respected admins to handle the sdo bus reservations.

Sixteen Travel Kiosks are now located at 11 locations including Ridge Camp, Tembagapura, Mozes Kilangin Airport and Gorong-Gorong Bus Terminal. Employees working on shift schedules can easily make their bus reservations at the Travel Kiosk using only their UID Cards. Reservations should be made at least three days before the scheduled departure.

The new kiosks work hand-in-hand with the Trivelio app service made available last year.

“We worked with the Transportation Department to develop an integrated reservation system using the Trivelio app and adding the Travel Kiosk, which enable employees without computer access to also make their own reservations,” said Zainal Mutaqin, Superintendent Planning and Mining-MIS.

In addition to benefitting employees, the system also increases planning efficiency for services provided by the company. 

“In the past, we would schedule buses based on historical usage,” said Fahrun Revak, Superintendent- Bus and Transport. “Also, sometimes there would be too many buses, or more importantly, not enough buses, which meant some employees were going to have to wait for the next bus schedule to see their families.” 

The kiosks provide real-time information, which help the Bus Transportation team plan reservations according to demand, so there is no excess bus booking as with the previous system. 

“This will help the company minimize the cost of excessive transportation,” Revak said.

In addition to the Travel Kiosks, bus reservations also can be done using the Trivelio online booking system. The Trivelio mobile application allows users to make a reservation for travel by air, bus or helicopter from a mobile device.

Check out the steps for making bus reservation using the Travel Kiosk.

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