Today's Kartini in the Mining World

22 April 2024

Timika - Historically, men have dominated in the mining industry, but each generation of women has now succeeded in overcoming obstacles, opening up employment opportunities for more women to pursue careers in an industry that was previously a minority and now their contribution deserves to be appreciated.

These are tje female workers as today's Kartini in the Mining World.

I'm Rode Yetmince Florence Ajomi, my colleagues usually call me Roce. Studied Industrial Engineering, Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta. As Manager of Grasberg Earthworks, my responsibilities include matters relating to the smooth running of administrative tasks for all field crews, with the aim of minimizing any obstacles that could affect their work performance.

Twenty-one years ago, I started my career as a non-staff technician. I took advantage of every opportunity to gain experience and understanding of PT Freeport Indonesia's main priority, the safety and health of all employees.

While interacting with the crew on various occasions, I consistently applied a personal approach and encouraged open discussions. I believe health and safety is a shared responsibility between management and employees.

By providing the opportunity for open dialogue with the crew, my team and I believe we can guide the crew to take the necessary steps to reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries, thereby bringing the company closer to its goal of safe and sustainable production.

I'm Danis Widowati. Studying at the Bandung Institute of Technology, I studied Mining Engineering. I started my professional work as a Fresh Graduate Program at PTFI. Currently, I am involved in the Hydrology team which plays a role in mitigating the flow of acid rock water and the water quality that needs to be managed from open pit mines.

I realized that being a woman in the mining industry could place us as a minority in a male-dominated environment. But here I am, working for one of the largest copper mining companies in the world.

Even though I am the only woman on the team, they respect my ideas, opinions, perspectives and personality. They treated me politely and did not discriminate against me just because I was a woman. Having such strong supportive relationships with coworkers makes work much more enjoyable.


I am Sari Widya Apriyani. I studied Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering at the Bandung Institute of Technology. As Chief Engineer of the Database Integration & Reporting System, I am responsible for modeling/mapping and implementing all activities related to integrating data from various sources into an organized and integrated view for Tembang Underground's needs.

I started my professional work as a PTFI Fresh Graduate Program. I was part of a team of Surveyors whose role was to provide reports that reflected accurate and detailed information about surveys in Underground Mines.

I believe gender differences are not a barrier to career success. For me, success often depends on working together as a team, and collaboration and helping others is not only oriented towards better results but also provides opportunities for mutual learning and growth.

Currently, I am part of a great Database Integration & Reporting Systems team and we are more than willing to support each other.

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