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18 April 2024

Freeport Pays IDR 3.35 Trillion Regional Shar...

Free Eye Health Services
26 March 2024

Free Eye Health Services for Communities Aro...

Sekolah Asrama Taruna Papua
26 February 2024

Sowing the Dreams of Sekolah Taruna Papua Stu...

2023 Milestones and Safety Initiatives
09 February 2024

Unwavering Commitment to Safety: 2023 Milesto...

Kuala Kencana
05 December 2023

Becoming the First Modern City in Indonesia,...

Crusher 603 at GBC
17 September 2023

Crusher 603 Poised to Increase Safe and Susta...

RS Waa Banti
17 September 2023

Mimika Government & PTFI Committed to Improve...

Wapres Kunjungi IPN
12 July 2023

Indonesia Vice President Appreciated PTFI's C...

Freeport Indonesia Receives 2023 Pioneer Investment Award
27 May 2023

Freeport Indonesia Receives 2023 Pioneer Inve...

Kunjungan kerja Komisi VI DPR RI ke Smelter PTFI
24 February 2023

Manyar Freeport Indonesia Smelter Provides Ec...

16 February 2023

Freeport’s Female Workers: Work Healthy, Work...

Karyawan bekerja membangun smelter tembaga di Gresik, Jawa Timur.
17 February 2022

PTFI Smelter Workers Surpass 2 Million Safe W...

01 May 2020

Copper Stands Up as a True, Germ-Fighting Sup...

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